Thursday, January 15, 2009

A little selfish

Christmas time felt a little bit odd for me. I guess I'm what you'd call a selfish knitter. I tend to knit primarily for me.... I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. In the first place, the main reason I started learning to knit was because I like to have my own unique style and I wanted to have a few one-of-a-kind pieces in my wardrobe...

So this Christmas was the first time I was doing a whole lot of knitting and getting nothing in return for it (oh, except for the joy of knowing that my loved ones loved something I made for them... blah blah blah...)

So anyway, now that the gifts are out of the way, I'm back to being selfish for a while and I think the deprivation has got me casting on compulsively. So far, I've got a pair of socks in the works, using a pattern called Basic Socks For the Family, which I got from the Mountain Fiber Folk Cooperative.
I'm using some Dream in Color Smooshy for those... yum...
I also cast on a pair of fingerless gloves which are coming along nicely. They're being made using the leftover yarn after I finished the first thing I cast on after Christmas, my Calorimetry.

And what perfect timing, I finished just in time for the North East to start freezing our little tooshies off... Seriously, guys, I would've worn it even if temps were in the 40s... enough with the deep freeze already...
I made this using some Malabrigo worsted. Say it with me now: mmmmmmmm.... Malabrigo.... I know... I understand exactly how you feel... The color is called Rosa Vieja (except you have to say it with an exclamation mark at the end. Like, Rosa Vieja!) And yes, since you asked, that is my lovely profile modeling it for you...

Anyway, this pattern is super easy and quick. My favorite part is that it's adjustable. Because it uses short rows to make the shape, the button holes are formed in the spots where you turn the work, which means they appear every few stitches the whole way around... brilliant! (I just want to go on record saying I hate those stupid Guinness commercials, but that was the first thing that popped into my head..... Sorry.)


  1. i have this in my queue AND I have malabrigo worsted. i just swatched for a hat (katie cap), but maybe i need to be knitting this first?


  2. Very cute. I want to make one of those.

  3. I have wanted to make one of these for a long time. Yours looks so great I and now inspired.