Monday, January 26, 2009

Too much knitting?

I know, I know what you're thinking... "no such thing!" But lately, I've been on such a knitting jag that I keep forgetting to update y'all about it... well anyway, I've been a busy girl this week!
First, last week I finished up a pair of fingerless gloves using the Malabrigo scraps that were left after I finished making Calorimetry. (Not really scraps, I guess... it was close to 100 yards).
The Malabrigo makes them super cozy and the pattern is totally easy peasy. And in case you love em as much as I do, this is the pattern I used.
Seriously, super easy. They're knit flat and then sewn up the side. And the fingerlessness makes them perfect for my icebox of an office.

Next, I got started on a drop stitch scarf using some Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride. It knits up super quick because it's on big needles and I totally love it. I used this pattern and the only change I made was adding the tassels, which are super easy. For those, I cut 16 18-inch lengths of yarn. hold two of them together and fold them in half. Now you have a loop at one end and 4 loose ends at the other. Weave the loop end through the end of the scarf and then pull all the loose ends through the loop to knot it. I put four on each end, but you can obviously do as many as you want.

And as if that wasn't enough, on Saturday I decided to make a hat. It knit up super quick. It's the Aspen hat from Twinkle's Big City Knits and I made it using Sirdar Big Softie. No way was I gonna pay for the price of the Twinkle yarn! Big Softie is a great bargain. It's a blend of wool and acrylic and it's super soft and, of course, super bulky.

Here's the result:

Oh, almost forgot that I picked up those buttons at Modern Yarn, and I love them. They might be my favorite part of the hat :)


  1. I envy your knitting time right now. I made fingerless gloves for the same reason you did; yours look very pretty.

  2. You have been productive! The fingerless gloves are perfect for your Calorimetry.
    That lacey scarf is just beautiful. The buttons on your hat are awesome Modern Yarns has great things.