Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More projects...

So, I realized after my last post I forgot about a couple projects.

1. save the dates/invitations. I'm taking a slight shortcut here. This site, e.m. papers has some adorable templates for invites and stuff. It's way cheaper than ordering invites. You download the template, fill in your own info and print them out yourself. Easy peasy.

2. The guest book. It's not a book, exactly. We're setting out squares of fabric with fabric markers and asking our guests to write us a message on a piece of fabric. After the wedding, I'll sew them into a quilt. So fortunately, most of the work will come after the wedding.

I know, I know.... it's a lot... so to keep myself from panicking, I'm also making a list of things I've decided to delegate.

1. The food. Originally I thought I might do the cooking myself. I was immediately told no. It's probably for the best.

2. The favors. I don't really care that much about favors. But since we basically live in the beer capitol of the world, we decided it would be cute to give out beer koozies with our names and the date on them. The website we're ordering them from lets you use your own image to make them extra personal, but I'm making Josh do that.

3. Bridesmaids dresses. I'm not even picking them out. I picked colors and now it's all up to my 'maids to decide what they wanna wear.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don't say I didn't warn you....

Well here we go. Let Project Wedding Commence.

I thought I'd start by detailing the list of projects I've decided to tackle for the wedding... and then you can tell me how insane I am... The list is pretty lengthy and based on it, it'll probably seem like I'm way more organized than I am.

My plan of attack is this: front load all the decision making so that a few months from now, I know everything I have to do, and all I'll need to do is actually get it done. So here goes...

1. Make my dress (yes, really). I've already found the pattern, which I purchased from Etsy seller Metropolitan Frock. The pattern is not actually intended to be a wedding dress which, I think, is part of why I like it. It's just a basic summer dress pattern but once it's made up using a fancier, white fabric, I think it'll be perfect. I still need to go shopping for fabric, but initially I'm thinking raw silk...

2. Flowers. I'm doing the table arrangements and bouquets. But I'm keeping things super simple. I'm using all sunflowers. I found a cut flower farm about 40 minutes from my house called Stems. It's an organic farm that will either do your arrangements for you, or you can buy the flowers in bulk and do them yourself. I've spoken with the woman there who said sunflowers picked in early June will have heads about 3 inches wide. So I figure, for the bridesmaids, three blooms is plenty, a single bloom for each of the moms, either 5 or 7 for my bouquet, and then on the tables, I'm using glass milk bottles with 3 blooms in each. The only X factors right now are, I'm not sure yet if we're having a flower girl and I'm trying to decide if I need flowers to decorate the ceremony location. It's outside at a lake, so it's pretty breathtaking all on its own, but I was thinking of some hanging vases at the end of the rows of chairs...

3. Other decorations. We're stringing lights on the trees and around the tent poles. I'm also going to take jam jars and put some with candles in them on the tables (I'll probably use mung beans to anchor the candles) and then I'm going to paint some blue and green, put candles in them and hang them around the yard. (Forgot to mention, we're having the whole thing at Josh's family's lake house.)

4. The cake. I'm actually still waffling on this one. We're pretty set on having cupcakes instead of a big cake, which would be much easier. But still a lot of work. We'll see.

5. Tablecloths. I hate the look of the ones you rent. I'm going to buy a bolt of fabric and do it myself.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garden paradise

Once again, I am a bad, bad blogger.... I apologize but it's been a crazy few months... new job, new apartment, GOT ENGAGED!!!!

Anywho...... for the one or two of you who have stayed loyal, I'm back. And I am in garden heaven. My new apartment is the first floor of a duplex, which means we have a front porch all to ourselves and full use of the backyard. (It also helps that we've got an in with the landlord)

So... being in my first grownup home with room for planting, I went a little crazy... It started with a few filler perennials along the driveway (Queen Anne's Lace and Lily of the Valley). Next came the vegetable garden. I definitely went a little overboard there. I discovered the seed savers exchange, where I found all kinds of heirloom varieties of veggies... omg... not even kidding I'm in love. I planted about 8 different types of tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers, broccoli, pumpkins, and some type of melon I've never heard of but it looked in the picture kinda like a cantaloupe.

Then came herbs in pots on the front porch... we tried lavender, applemint, basil, garlic chives, Italian parsley, cilantro, rosemary, tricolor sage and silver-edged thyme.

Next, I went for some pretty annuals for the front yard... a flowering cabbage plant, marigolds and celosia. And finally, hanging baskets on the front porch. A few we just bought, Ivy and some stuff I don't know what it is... but some I planted myself with zinnias, appleblossoms, celosia and something else I can't remember the name...

but the point is, now, everything is exploding! I've already frozen up my first batch of pesto and I'm about to start drying some sage and thyme... still figuring out what to do with the chives... I'm thinking potpourri with the lavender... I tried mint ice cream but I wasn't crazy about the results. Could try it again, but I'm on the hunt for other things to do with it too. I think I can make a homemade mint extract with some vodka.... might be something to try.

On the veggie garden front, I believe a day of tomato sauce and canning is in my near future... and I've already decided the jalapenos will make some kickass poppers... other than that, I'm open to suggestions....
Anyway, here's some awesome garden porn for ya...

Oh yeah, one last thing..... I should warn you... for about the next 11 months or so, this blog will probably be pretty wedding centered... I warned you early, this blog would be about whatever I feel like crafting... and we're doing the wedding DIY style... that's right, this crafty bitch is crafting a wedding... so there ya have it. Starting with my next post, we'll get going on all the DIY projects I've planned for the wedding (which, by the way, is scheduled for June 11, 2011)