Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More projects...

So, I realized after my last post I forgot about a couple projects.

1. save the dates/invitations. I'm taking a slight shortcut here. This site, e.m. papers has some adorable templates for invites and stuff. It's way cheaper than ordering invites. You download the template, fill in your own info and print them out yourself. Easy peasy.

2. The guest book. It's not a book, exactly. We're setting out squares of fabric with fabric markers and asking our guests to write us a message on a piece of fabric. After the wedding, I'll sew them into a quilt. So fortunately, most of the work will come after the wedding.

I know, I know.... it's a lot... so to keep myself from panicking, I'm also making a list of things I've decided to delegate.

1. The food. Originally I thought I might do the cooking myself. I was immediately told no. It's probably for the best.

2. The favors. I don't really care that much about favors. But since we basically live in the beer capitol of the world, we decided it would be cute to give out beer koozies with our names and the date on them. The website we're ordering them from lets you use your own image to make them extra personal, but I'm making Josh do that.

3. Bridesmaids dresses. I'm not even picking them out. I picked colors and now it's all up to my 'maids to decide what they wanna wear.

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