Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A quick update

Just wanted to pop in and say hi... I haven't forgotten about you but as you can imagine, I've been sewing away trying to stock up my shop by the self-imposed deadline. It's coming along nicely, but I've also decided I'm not going to go crazy making too many items right off the bat. Especially since I'm going to have a special order option as well.
Oh, also... you'll all be happy to know that I was able to get the PERFECT shop name... once it's up and running you'll be able to find my shop on Etsy at ThatCraftyBitch!
One more thing, then I have to run.... I'm halfway through pinning some pieces to sew and my cat keeps trying to eat the pins out of my pin cushion.... but anyway, a tip for all you seamstresses out there... I know you've all heard the rule that you never use your sewing scissors on paper because the paper can dull them but let's be honest, sometimes they get dull anyway. Did you ever go to the fabric store and see the people at the cutting tables sharpen their scissors between customers? I have been looking for one of those sharpeners for so long and FINALLY the last time I was at Joann's they had them for sale. What a difference! Seriously, best $15 I've ever spent...

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